Top 5 web design tips. Learn the 5 C's of web design

First of all, building a website is a lot of work. A website is above all an effective marketing tool for your business when built correctly. What makes a great web design? Make your website shine with these Top 5 web design tips. Learn the 5 C's of web design.


website design Top 5 web design tips

Top 5 web design tips:

Communication is key to successful web design

First of all designing for communication is key to success. Furthermore be clear about what you are selling. Also logo design, tagline, custom graphics and images need to be aligned. It certainly is important that people visiting your website stay there as long as possible. This means they are probably getting value from your website. Make it easy for them to get around. Don’t be tempted by creativity when it comes to usability. If the website scores low on usability, then consequently the website will never be successful.

Call to Action to compel action

Never end your web content without a call to action. (CTA). A call to action is so important and often overlooked. What are visitors supposed to do when they get to your website? Make it easy for them. To clarify point them in the right direction with captivating call to action words.

Call to action compels visitors to take action bringing them closer to becoming clients. In addition customers actually want this. Sometimes it's almost always easier to know what to do when you land on a page.

Cohesive web design elements

Use your brand's colour, font on all pages of the website. Also don't forget about the sidebar graphics headers, buttons and widgets. Everything in the sidebar should be relevant and there for a reason. Otherwise it is probably unnecessary clutter detracting from the reason why people visit. Use the primary brand colour throughout the website. In addition, if there is a secondary colour use it to draw attention to important aspects. Above all ensure your visitors and potential customers are clear that you are professional and knowledgeable. Appearance is everything.

Clean, clear minimalist design

Clear navigation, a minimalist sidebar and great content will certainly make it easy for visitors to extract value from your content. Similarly use white space to make content stand out. Moreover white space removes any clutter and helps focus on the important areas.

Sometimes people make the mistake of cramming too much information into a web design. However this results in the opposite effect that is desired. As a result people tend to flee from overcrowded design.

Captivate and engage website visitors

People make fast decisions about whether they will do business with you. Probably about 3 seconds is how long people take to decide! Engage users with rich relevant imagery. Similarly having images along with text can boost a visitor’s engagement considerably. Get images from professional stock sites like Shutterstock.

Do not:

-Have loud music intros

-Auto video player

-immediate popup demanding you buy now


-Interesting clear content


-Clear navigation

-Use attractive easy to read font


Almost nobody likes to be bombarded with unnecessary web elements. Furthermore it is a put off and can lose traffic to your website. Stunning professional web design will engage visitors, create trust, and convert visitors to customers.

Modern web design has ventured towards simplicity and user experience. Trusting a website is key to gaining traffic and sales for business. Now you know the 5 C's of web design, incorporate these Top 5 web design tips today.


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Top 5 web design tips Learn the 5 C’s of web design
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