Understanding advertising, marketing & branding

Understanding advertising, marketing & branding is difficult because the terms are likely used incorrectly or thought to be identical. This is certainly far from the truth. Although they also have the same expected outcome, the meaning and methodology is different.

Advertising, Marketing & Branding


What exactly is advertising? Advertising is a persuasive message designed to influence potential buyers to purchase a product or service. It is a paid service. Advertising can be expensive. Different platforms have different costs.

Social media, Google ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, are all good examples. Knowing the target market and where they hang out is key to advertising in the right place. This is key to providing the most successful ad campaign. Radio ads are expensive, so unless the ROI is high for the target market it would make a poor choice. Know where your customers are hanging out.

Understanding Advertising, Marketing & Branding: Sell the value of the product

First of all people don’t buy things just because. You buy a drill bit because you want to make a hole. Certainly not because you want a drill bit. Consequently always show value and benefits. Discuss how the product or service will most certainly benefit them. Describe the value, how it improves and also provides benefit to the user. As a result ensure success of the advertisement.


Marketing is about the company. What is the company all about? It uses to brand message and uses it to build relationships with people that have the same values. Marketing is responsible for finding people that want to interact with the brand. They believe the brand message, as well as enjoy the product.

Stand out to a custom audience with appropriate marketing. Gain customer attention, make them feel valued with messaging that speaks to them. Customers can also share your story.


Branding is not synonymous with logo design. A logo is just the beginning step to creating a brand. The brand is actually the reason why you exist. We all are here to make a living of course, but beyond money what does the company stand for? Tell the story of what the company is passionate about, what the core beliefs are.

Understanding Advertising, Marketing & Branding: Brand equals company identity

Branding touch points are everything that connects to your target market. Marketing materials, web design, social media covers and more. It is also the message and belief system you want to convey and connect to your customers. Branding connects emotionally to a customer. Consequently make good on your vision and connect to like-minded customers.

Understanding Advertising, Marketing & Branding: Conclusion

Advertising is compelling people to buy. Marketing builds relationships and Branding connects customers emotionally to the company.


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Understanding Advertising, Marketing & Branding
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