Vertical text Inkscape tutorial

How to make vertical text in Inkscape 

Vertical text Inkscape tutorial. Use vertical text for creating a neat sign vector, or a parking sign, antiques signs are often vertical too. In this tutorial we will look at the text menu. Also, we will build a parking arrow shape for our text.

Vertical text Inkscape tutorial

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Vertical text Inkscape tutorial: Prep text

Type out some text. To do that, select the “A” on the right and type on the screen. With the text selected and also still in the “A” you should therfore be able to view the top menu for text.

Depending on your version of Inkscape, this tutorial may be a bit different (Inkscape video tutorial is different than written tutorial) however all the elements are in the same area. The top right section may be a different drop down. It may look like an arrow.

Finally,  look over on the far right. The middle dropbox is what we need to activate but it is greyed out. So first of all we must click the first drop down and choose the middle button.

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Vertical text Inkscape tutorial

As a result the middle toggle in no longer greyed out. Choose the middle option again to fix the text.

Finalize the text into an object by going to path-object to path. This means that the text becomes editable by node and therefore it is no longer text.

Vertical text Inkscape tutorial: Build the arrow sign


Let’s build an arrow shape, similar to a parking sign on the side of a building.

In the image you can see the colour is used to differentiate the shapes you need to build. Use the rectangle tool on the right column.

Finally use the stars and polygon tool to create a triangle. Corners set to 3 and spoke ratio to .500 in the top menu for the tool. Arrange the shapes as shown.

Open the align tab at the top. It is located three to the right of the “T”. Select the red and blue objects and align them on the horizontal axis.

Select all the shapes. Go to path-union.

Path effect editor

Now we will round the corners to soften the graphic a bit. Go to path-path effects. In the pop up box choose “corners”.

Learn Inkscape

While there are some tutorials in this course, It is not the main objective. The lessons allow learners to understand the tools and why they are used.

Select the blue object. Drag a box over the node. Pull the node until you like the shape. Pull the oppostite node as well as shown below. Notice how the node creates two more nodes in order to create the corner? Neat, eh 🙂

When you are satisfied with the shape go to path-object to path to finalize it and get out of the path effect editor.

Final steps

Finally all that is left to do is to place the text on top of the blue sign. You will need to select the text and also click the arrow in the top menu to change the z order. Then place the text on top of the graphic. All done!

Vertical text Inkscape tutorial
Vertical text Inkscape tutorial | build a sign vector
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