Vortex space text effect Inkscape Tutorial


Vortex space text effect Inkscape tutorial

Vortex space text effect in Inkscape. Learn a bit about the interpolation function and also how cool the effect can be. Interpolation in Inkscape is similar to Illustrator’s blend tool with less functions. Follow the Illustrator tutorial instead.

Today we’ll create a spacey vortex vector design. Also with just a few tools and some imagination you can create simple designs like this one.

Vortex space text effect: Interpolation method

Using interpolation is a certainly a bit mathematical. Furthermore we'll need to use precise numbers to get a better result between the smaller and larger text. I used multiples of twenty and it certainly seemed to reduce or rather remove the unwanted effects of random inserted graphics.

Vortex space text effect: Font

Choose the right font for the design. Furthermore fonts add to the magic of the overall design. The design becomes more attractive to people and as a result gains more attention. The space vector is futuristic. Choose a tech, or alternatively a futuristic font to match the design. Also noteworthy of this design is the jagged edge that the letter I leaves behind. This could likely change with some initial font manipulation to round the outer corners before applying interpolation.


Choosing colours is also important too. Using bright vibrant colours stands out against a space galaxy. The interesting thing is that they are seemingly 80’s retro colours and possible used in movies in that era. I’ve chosen purple and teal for this design.

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Create a star filled background, to add to the design background. Every element added or not added make a great design piece.


Designing is fun. The more you design, the better you become and also the more creative you become. Additionally this tutorial is designed to be informative in teaching how to use the program.

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Vortex space text effect Inkscape Tutorial
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