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With all the tools available online, sometime people ask, why should I hire a professional website designer? What can a professional website designer do that I can’t do? The simple answer is a lot of knowledge and experience. While it is possible to create your own website blog, what you don’t know can cost you…a lot.

What can professional website designer do for you?

Stand out from competition

Basic templates will not help you stand out from competitors. Consider a custom design built around your business specially tailored for you. We have experience in design and therefore can offer better customization and desirable functionality tailored to individual business needs.

User Experience

Designing a website takes experience and know how. Your clients should be able to navigate your website in a logical easy way. Information should be available in the right areas. If information is not available it will cause customers to become frustrated and  they will consequently leave your website. As a result, a theme should be configured to specifically tailor a company’s needs with customer needs in mind. Therefore, an experienced website designer can help you with creativity and uniqueness that will help you engage your clientele.

Responsive Design

Making a website design compatible across all devices can present some challenges for new web designers, or do it yourself small business owners. Studies show that more and more people are using their cell phones to browse and search the web. We are knowledgeable on how to design with responsiveness in mind. Consequently It is crucial to your professional online appearance to have browser and mobile responsive design.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Do it yourself website templates don’t necessarily provide the tools for SEO optimization. SEO is essential to assist search engines in not only discovering your website, but in how fast your website loads. If your content is heavy and improperly implemented, over time it could cause your site to load so slowly. Slowly enough to lose customers. We don’t need to tell you how bad that is. People will not wait 5-10 seconds for a website to load. Studies show that people have greater expectations and less attention spans. As a result, If your website is not optimized you’re already losing customers. We are knowledgeable in this field of expertise and advise that if you are not, please consult with us to see how we can assist you.

Design code

Your website is made up of code languages including HTML, CSS Javascript and php. Furthermore, at the bare minimum even a website designer should be able to read and understand basic HTML and CSS.

 Metrics and Analytics

Website designers are able to implement some sort of analytics software into your website design to see how it is performing. Google analytics software is easy to implement for a seasoned website designer. Analytics software will analyze your website traffic and as a result give you access to valuable information about your visitors.

Technology expert

You may start out with a builder website, but what if your needs change as your business grows? You may want a slider, or some custom functionality such as contact forms lead generation, popups and general marketing skills. There may therefore be some compatibility issues in the future that may incur unforeseen costs.

We offer great design packages designed for the new start-up business in mind. We really do want to see you succeed! Our company  knows it is tough to get started, but doing it right is important. Doing it right can save you money in the long term. Please Contact Us for a free consultation and we can guide you in the right direction.

What can a professional website designer do that I can’t do?