what makes a great website Fundamentals of effective website designWHAT MAKES A GREAT WEBSITE?

Your Company website is your first online presence and you want it to be impressive. In order to make a great website, certain fundamentals of effective website design should therefore be followed. A strong website should reflect the essence and values of your business. Strong branding and a proper logo are a must when designing a professional website. A poorly designed website will deter customers from staying on your website and may consequently deter them from visiting your business.

Often a customer will visit your website because they need information, and they should be able to find it quickly and easily. Studies show that many people are using mobile technology to search for information. Because of this, websites need to be responsive across all devices.
Website design quality is so important on many levels. Your website design must be as professional as your competitors. If your website is seen as less professional you may as a result lose customers.



Responsive design is a must have for a professional website design. Having a responsive website design will furthermore ensure your website is viewed seamlessly across all devices.


White space makes things stand out. It is important to not clutter webpages with unnecessary text and pictures. Having fewer pages also makes navigation for customer a lot easier to find what they came for.


A good sitemap will allow users to navigate easily to the information they need. One of the first things to create in a website is the navigation menu. Proper thought should be put into this design and in addition there should be room for growth in the future.


A well planned sitemap makes navigation easier for customers. Enticing images gives people reason to pause and stay longer on a webpage. Site speed is a major factor in website design. If you site takes 5 seconds or more to load, your customer has probably already left.


They say content is king and it is true. Having fresh new content keeps your website fresh. Having an event? Specials? Having blog capability is also helpful.


Your website is an online extension of your business. Your company should have a professional logo design. Installing cheap clip art will as a result make your business and your website look cheap.


It is really important to understand your business and competitors to understand what your website should do. Who is your target audience? A romantic seafood restaurant will be vastly different from a bar and grill.


When considering what makes a great website design, all of the above suggestions are excellent ways to stand out from the competition. Remember that your website is an investment. You get what you put into it. Make it great! For a free consultation don’t hesitate to Contact us


What Makes a Great Website? Effective Website Design