Prevent your website from being hacked

Use these security tips to always keep your website safe. is generally safe, however persistent hackers and bots will try to get access to your website. Consequently take precaution when implementing a website.

 Security Tips

Security Tips: Keep updated

Running outdated versions of and plugins and themes are the number one way a hacker hacks websites. Data suggests that the majority of hacked websites are a direct result of not updating the website.

First of all updates its core all the time. Additionally updating is a result of many things including security patches. Take time to press the update button.

Security Tips: Remove unneeded plugins

Plugins are attractive to hackers. Disabled plugins or plugins not updated pose security problems. Therefore make the effort to delete unused plugins. Why keep a plugin that you certainly don’t use? Additionally it is one less thing to update and maintain on .

Security Tips: Use a security plugin

There are many great plugins when it comes to security. Website safety is certainly very important. First of all for brute force attacks you can use something simple like Loginizer. This plugin is usually an option to download with fresh installs. Never forget the password though! It will likely give you only three attempts to login to your website before denying access.

For serious security you might consider WordFence. This plugin is quite popular and well rated. It has a firewall that blocks bad traffic and scanner that detects malicious files.


Secure socket layer is an extra layer of encryption for the website. The lock icon at the top of the browser page will also tell you if the site is secure or not secure. The difference is the ‘S’ at the end of ‘HTTPS’. It used to be that only store type websites needed SSL however Google is now ranking HTTPS websites higher than HTTP. Consequently if you are a storefront website that takes payment, you must have SSL encryption. Let’s Encrypt is free, however there are also levels of SSL and as a result you should find out what is right for you.


There are many easy ways to stay website safe. Update and maintain your website. Use these simple Security Tips to stay safe.Need help with your website design? Get in touch.


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