Website Design 

Why choose a website design? is a content management system (CMS) that has been around for more than 10 years. What is stunning is that 25% of all website blogs are powered by . That has gained attention and of course competition from other CMS such as Weebly or WIX. Listed below are some reasons you should consider a website design.

 Website Design

is easy to use.

There is a learning curve to but it is easy to learn. After your designer builds your website, you should be able and free to maintain it if you wish. With you are never at the mercy of a developer to make changes to your website, and hope that they are willing to make it a priority.  You are free to login to your website dashboard and make changes, blog, and update as you wish.


is fantastic on its own, however it is more fantastic with plugins. Plugins are software developed for that enable extra functionality. You can add contact forms, sliders, video functionality, ecommerce, marketing and pop-ups, and so much more. If you can dream it you can probably make it happen with . We have experience in implementing additional technology to suit our client’s individual needs.

SEO Power

Sure, you’ve heard of search engine optimization. Did you know that is amazing for SEO? Those that create for must adhere to best practices when it comes to coding. Search engines love websites. In addition to this, there are plugins to assist with SEO that allow for optimal website page optimization which is so important to ranking higher in search queries.

Responsive Design

Websites built with are responsive. This means that your website will view well on any device. Responsive sites are better for SEO. Google in particular is paying attention to how many users are using cell phones to make every day decisions. Studies show that 80% of people are using their cell phones to make these purchase decisions. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile, you are losing out on a lot.

is open source and free

This keeps the cost down for the designer, and therefore the end user. The designer doesn’t have to start from scratch every time they design a website, and they are able to provide complete functionality and customization in short order. If the customer decides to change developers, it is easy for another developer to pick up where the other one left off.

was built for tech and non-tech savvy people. is a superior content management system for those wishing for unlimited customization. Small businesses that turn to Wix find out soon enough that customization is limited. There’s a reason why small and large businesses and corporations trust . When it comes to your company’s branding consider a website design.

We know that not everyone wants to design their own website all day like we do. We believe that is the best way to improve the customer experience and create a beautiful website design tailored to your business. Find out more about what we can do for you.

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