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Learning website installation has many benefits to a small business. Still many people find the process difficult to manage. It requires some patience and time but it is not hard to do. Learning code isn’t necessary although it can be helpful. Let’s learn how to create a website in just a few easy steps.


Reasons to Create a website


The most common reason to not hire a website designer is probably the cost of building a website. website Installation in a few easy steps is easy to achieve.

Easy  website installation in a few steps

Why create a website?

is used to build affordable web design because it has a simple to use content management system. As a result allows us to build great websites. Also noteworthy is great for search engine optimization (SEO). This SEO helps achieve higher search engine ranking and gain traffic and visibility on the web. Additionally CMS is free and open source. In other words people can add themes and plugin technology. This allows us an almost endless ability to customize our websites.

Certainly, a website Installation allows us to do many things.


Steps to Website Installation

Get a Web hosting account

There are tons of web hosting companies to choose from. Choosing a web host can be a daunting task. Especially when you consider they range from amazing to terrible. Modern web hosts use cPanel. This cPanel makes website management much easier. It is consequently preferred by most website designers.

First of all there are a few things that make a web host stand out. Customer service is almost always top priority in any list. If your website breaks at 3 am, you certainly want help and you want it now.

Additionally host providers offer varying features for various prices. Some providers also specialize in hosting. There are also different price tiers for features, website traffic and bandwidth usage. Finally, most beginner websites opt for the smaller package and move up if needed.

Choosing a website host provider

This website uses GreenGeeks web hosting services. This is because of excellent customer service. Additionally they have a cPanel in which you can use a 1-click install. While GreenGeeks will provide website backups it is also important to create your own backups that are stored off the server. Furthermore, they offer a startup price at $2.49 per month for 36 months. What a steal of a deal! After that, the price goes up to regular price. In conclusion it is long enough for your company to become established and gain trust in your new host.

Limited time only $2.49/month!

Get started with GreenGeeks

Go to GreenGeeks start up page and click “Get Started Now

Step 1. Firstly you will be asked to register a domain name. Choose your name wisely. After all you want customers to be able to search for your website once it is built.





Step 2. After that is done, fill out your name address and email that you want the account to be associated with. Choose “EcoSite Lite” unless you know you need a bigger package. Most importantly, ensure that you check mark “Domain WHOIS privacy”. This makes sure your data is private. Enter credit card details and select “Create Account”.

Step 3. You will receive some emails from GreenGeeks with your account information including login information.



Step 4. Log in to the host account. Click on "Cpanel." This is where all the tools are located to make changes to your website




Now don’t touch anything if you are not confident about what it does. We can build great thing, and we can break things too. Always research first or hire a web designer. Now let’s learn about the simple 1-click install.

1-click Website Installation

Softaculous is an App installer located within the Cpanel.  First of all the really great thing is you can install quickly and easily with a few steps. Additionally you can install the database with no coding skills at all. Furthermore In just a few steps you will have the platform in which to build your new website.

Step 1. Scroll to the bottom of the cPanel till you find the Softaculous section.  Click on “”.



Step 2. Once inside the Softaculous window click “install now”.



Step 3. In this new window there will be several sections to fill out.

Sections: 1-click Website Installation

Software Setup

Choose the version you want to install. It is best practice to install the latest versions for security reasons. Choose Installation URL. If you have installed an SSL certificate choose HTTPS. Choose the domain you want installed.

Site Settings

Add the name and description of your website. Typically it is similar to the domain name and type of company.

Admin Account

Add a username and strong password. Do not use the default “Admin” for security reasons. Use the email you want associated with the website. This is your login info, don’t forget it!

Choose Language


Select Plugins

Here are a few popular plugins. Loginizer is a brute force security plugin. It works great, but if you forget your password you will have 3x attempts before it locks you out. Elementor is a popular page builder. Since updated their editor to Gutenburg, people have disliked it. Elementor is great but has a steep learning curve. WP forms lite. It is a simple contact form. There are many plugins to choose from after you install . These ones will auto install if you check the boxes.

Advanced Tab

If you select these, it is adviseable to install the best themes and plugins that have support and maintenance. Otherwise update manually from the WP Dashboard.

Backup location

You can backup files here. Automate them and make sure they download to a location not in the server. Google Drive, Dropbox or something in the cloud. After you install you will be able to go back in to Softaculous, at the top of the screen right hand side there is a zipped folder where you can configure backup and restore. This is just one option. There are also plugins that will achieve the same thing.

Select Theme

Don’t select a theme. Unless of course you see one you like. will automatically select and install the default theme. Later in the Dashboard you can choose a theme by going to Dashboard-->Appearance-->Theme.

Finally, click “Install”

Log in to

It may take a few minutes for to install. Softaculous will then give a couple of links to go to your website. Furthermore this will take you to the place where your website is located and where to log in.

Congratulations!! You did it 🙂

Let’s log in. Click the links to go to your domain login.


The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where everything is located. It is also the back end of your website. To get to the front end click in the top left corner where your website name is. To go back also click the same area.

Install Pages in


Install Themes in


There are many comprehensive tutorials out there to assist with building the theme. The theme builder likely has documentation files. One of my favorite themes is probably Astra theme.

Install plugins in

Dashboard--> Plugins

Plugins are certainly amazing. They add extra functionality to your website. Be careful and selective as to what you add though. Too many plugins can consequently slow down your website.


General Settings

If you entered it in Softaculous your site name and tagline should certainly be there. Adjust if necessary.


Change the permalink structure to something more user friendly. is better than Why that is the default is beyond me.

Congratulations on creating a website!

Hope you enjoyed this easy website Installation in a few easy steps tutorial. Many people are afraid to try something that feels a bit complicated. With proper hosting, cPanel and 1-click installers it is much easier than it used to be. Installing is just the beginning though. Then comes designing.

Design on the other hand can be a bit more challenging. How did you do? If you have any questions please let me know in the comments or email me if you need website design assistance. Happy to help.

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Easy website installation in a few steps
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